Criminal Investigations

Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC conducts in-depth criminal investigations. Judicial officials in the region appoint us to assist defense attorneys in the defense their clients. We provide critical assistance by locating witnesses and searching leads, obtaining statements, collecting and reviewing evidence, independent analysis, background investigations, crime scene investigation, documentation analysis and regional canvassing, photographic and videotape evidence, as well as other services as directed by the client.

  • Homicide Investigation
  • Wrongful Death Investigation
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Larceny
  • Theft
  • Criminal Defense Assistance

Criminal Records Search

There is no single database that provides a complete record of all criminal convictions in all jurisdictions, therefore Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC utilizes several varying databases to obtain a broad view of an individual’s record and can identify potential problem areas of concern. Courthouse and judicial system searches still remain the most accurate method of obtaining criminal records to ascertain valid information.


Civil Suits

Civil cases are much more common than criminal cases and include divorces, product liability suits, evictions, accident cases, and many other categories. Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC can assist with the proper and appropriate compilation of a civil suit records, and a thorough search of jurisdictions where the individual has previously resided.


Interview of Witnesses

Our investigators interview witnesses and/or pertinent individuals and provide of recorded interviews and transcripts to assist clients with cases.


Counter Surveillance Technical Measures  

Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC maintains the most up-to-date equipment to conduct an electronic counter-surveillance operations of your home, office or automobile.


Computer Forensics/Computer Crime

Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC will manage the collection and analysis of data from computer systems, networks, wireless communications, and storage devices that is admissible as evidence in a court of law.



Corporate Crime

  • Undercover Operations: Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC provides clients with an undercover investigator when criminal activity is affecting a business and the business transactions or details are unknown.  Proof is needed to bring it to a reasonable conclusion.
  • Employee Theft/Embezzlement: Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC Investigators use state-of-the-art technology to provide well-planned and thorough professional investigations of workplaces to detect and ultimately eliminate internal theft.  Comprehensive reports are provided as directed by the client.


Workers Compensation

Employee injuries can cost the employer dearly and unnecessarily. Employees in many cases take unfair advantage of their employer by extending time away from work much longer than is medically necessary. Ciccotti & Buckley is exceptionally knowledgeable of the various forms of workers compensation fraud and can skillfully evaluate suspected fraudulent behavior and provide documented results.

Workers Compensation Fraud

Every year, American businesses collectively lose billions of dollars due to deceptive or false claims. Do you suspect a workers compensation claim is fraudulent? Our investigators are experts at detecting and proving fraud!

Wellness Check/Activity Check

This service is essential for fraud prevention for insurance carriers when abuse of illness/accident compensation is suspected. In most cases, our trained investigators discuss the claimant’s current health situation with the claimant, document physical activities of the claimant and photographic verification of the claimant. When discreteness and non-direct contact is required, Ciccotti & Buckley. investigators canvass neighborhoods to determine the claimant’s current activities.