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Q: Why should I choose Ciccotti & Buckley, L.L.C. over another private investigator service?

A: Ciccotti & Buckley, L.L.C. investigators are a committed team of experienced professional investigators with extensive law enforcement backgrounds. Our team of investigators can assist you and your attorney in all phases of litigation. Our investigators work with numerous law firms in the Tidewater Area and understand the investigative requirements for a successful outcome in court.


Q: How do I know if a private investigator can assist with my case?

A: All clients receive a free consultation to discuss how an investigator can assist their case.


Q: Will I have to sign a contract with Ciccotti & Buckley, L.L.C.?

A: All clients sign a retainer agreement with Ciccotti & Buckley, L.L.C


Q: What happens if no information can be found?

A: Traditionally, state of the art surveillance technology produces definitive evidence, however, the investigatory industry cannot provide guarantees. If there is no evidence to be found, clients have closure and peace of mind.


Q: Will my information be kept confidential?

A: All of our services are completely confidential and information will only be released to the client.


Q: How can a Social Media Investigation help my case?

A: Social Media investigations can reveal information that may help your case.  All information is obtained legally and could be presented in court.


Q:  Is surveillance legal?

A:  Yes, it is legal to hire a licensed private investigator for surveillance.


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