Background Investigations

In each and every background check, Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC will provide a comprehensive and accurate report. These investigations are modeled to fit within the client’s time and budget constraints.


Prospective Employee Screening

Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC can provide comprehensive reports on prospective candidate employees when detailed screening is warranted.


Pre-marital / Partnership

Facts about past marriages, history of children, criminal history both in and out-of-state, driving history, references and much more are provided to clients’ attorneys when life facts are sought.


Confidential Courier

We have services, which include filing court documents, recording official records, retrieving mail, picking up loan packages, and delivering official court documents.


Missing Persons

This is a personal and private matter and we will suggest that you contact your attorney and place your case with Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC Whether you are attempting to locate a missing heir, beneficiary, relative, a lost witness or a lost client, probate a will, administer an estate or perform a skip trace, we can assist.


Process Service

We provide prompt and efficient process service of summonses and complaints, subpoenas, restraining orders and all other types of court documents that must be served on an individual or group of individuals.


Records Search

  • Property Records
    • We can provide ownership information for residential and commercial real estate.
  • Social Security Number Records
    • People trying to conceal their true identity or a criminal history often fabricate social security numbers. We can verify social security number validity and establish where and when it was issued.


Restaurant/Nightclub Spotting

  • Bar, Restaurant and Nightclub Spotting
    • A two person team of trained bar spotters will visit business establishments and perform a 2-3 hour evaluation in order to determine if illegal activity is taking place.
  • Competition Analysis
    • Our investigators will visit 3-5 venues of your choice. To ensure an unbiased comparison, the evaluator will not know which location is yours. We will then provide a detailed report comparing staff, product selection, service, cleanliness, location, atmosphere, energy, demographics, estimated patronage and other factors for comparison.
  • Secret Shopper
    • Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC can shop at your restaurant, bar, business to determine the integrity of products being sold and employee adherence to business best practices.