Child Custody Cases

A child custody investigation is an objective observation of a child’s well-being and treatment, usually as part of a divorce, separation, or custody case.

A typical investigation involves an investigator assessing the treatment of a child by his or her parents; or surveillance of the child’s location/supervision during custody by one parent (under what conditions the noncustodial parent is spending time with the child). The conclusion of the investigator is then reported to the Court (or your attorney) and used in custody evaluations. When going through a divorce, a child custody investigation will provide reliable evidence without bias.

Investigators will legally document the surveillance using photos, videos, and audio recordings. They will also question potential witnesses, like family members, and conduct background checks on custodial parties and individuals they frequently associate with. An investigator looks for things like alcohol abuse, criminal activity, reckless driving, gambling, drug abuse, and any other activities that negatively affect the child. They will also ensure that the parent is providing a safe, clean living space, healthy food, emotional support, and other necessities for their child. These investigators are trained to see the safety of the child as a priority. If the results are problematic, an investigator will not only turn in a report, but also testify in Court.

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