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Q: Why should I choose Ciccotti & Buckley over another private investigator service?

A: The investigators at Ciccotti & Buckley are a committed team of experienced professional investigators with extensive law enforcement backgrounds. Our team of investigators can assist you and your attorney in all phases of investigations and litigation. Ciccotti & Buckley work with numerous law firms in the Hampton Roads and understand the requirements for a successful outcome in court.


Q: How do I know if a private investigator can assist with my case?

A: All clients receive a free consultation to discuss how an investigator can assist their case.


Q: Will I have to sign a contract with Ciccotti & Buckley?

A: Client’s will sign a retainer agreement with Ciccotti & Buckley.



Q: Will my information be kept confidential?

A: All of our services are completely confidential and information will only be released to the client/attorney.


Q: How can a social media investigation help my case?

A: Social media investigations are an essential part of any case. Review and analysis of social media provides a significant insight to an individual’s life and activities.


Q:  Is surveillance legal?

A:  Yes, it is legal to hire a licensed private investigator for surveillance.


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