How your corporation can use Ciccotti & Buckley:

Ciccotti & Buckley can conduct numerous practical applications. We can verify investment candidates, track down identity thieves, and confirm or disprove insurance claims just to name a few. Law offices hire us to help with facts about cases. Corporations mays hire Ciccotti & Buckley to ensure that important decisions are made based on truthful, verified information. Here are ten of the most useful reasons why every business should retain Ciccotti & Buckley:

New High-Responsibility Hires

While you may feel satisfied with background checks when hiring for most of the roles in your company, what about bringing in someone who will have real decision making, financial, or security responsibilities? Ciccotti & Buckley can perform a much deeper background check to verify good hires and weed out frauds who could damage your company.

Choosing Business Partners

The other companies you partner with or invest in will reflect on your business, including the ethics of their internal finances or overseas practices. A thorough investigation can let you know ahead of time if your new partner has secret sweat shops, questionable billing practices, or really would make a great business match.

Considering Outsourcing Firms

Most modern businesses outsource at least one aspect of their company structure, from referred attorneys to media agencies to managed IT services. Ciccotti & Buckley can verify that the people you’re entrusting a portion of your business and overhead budget to are truthful and have an excellent track record working for other companies.

Preventing Whaling

Not all security breaches happen over the internet. Sometimes companies are targeted by false employees or business contacts whose sole purpose is to learn enough to open security doors or, in the case of whaling, learn enough about the company to impersonate an executive via email spoofing later on. By having a policy of investigation, it will be much easier to catch these hacker-enablers and kick them out before they cause any damage.

Detecting Fraud and Embezzlement

Most of your employees are hard working and dedicated to building the company, but some give into temptation and begin to steal, embezzle, or otherwise deceive the company for their own benefit. Investigations can hunt down where money leaks, the source of inconsistencies, and even who is taking bribes.

Meaningful Promotions

If your company is about to promote an employee into a position of real power, their initial background check may no longer be sufficient. Ciccotti & Buckley can quietly check the promotion candidate’s past and current records to confirm that they are responsible and worthy of the new responsibility without ruffling any feathers.

Accepting Investment

In the same way that you want to be diligent about the quality of your business partners, you also don’t want to take money from the wrong sources. If a new investor is offering to provide funds, with or without controlling shares, a discreet investigation can identify if this will be a true help or an embarrassment down the line.

Trustworthy Charities

It’s always wonderful when a company decides to donate some of their profits to charity, but not all charities are what they claim to be. Ciccotti & Buckley can tell which organizations are really making a positive difference and are worthy of your donations.

Security Breach Analysis

When your IT or Network Security teams identify a breach, your first concern is close it and enact damage control, followed closely by identifying the source, removing access, and if possible, recovering any stolen data or assets. With the information provided by the tech teams, Ciccotti & Buckley can often assist in helping to identify the person responsible.

Lawsuit Defense

This day and time every company has a certain amount of liability insurance as a defense against claims of worksite injury, prejudicial action, or a flaw in a product. However, companies are also juicy targets for frauds who are good at faking. Ciccotti & Buckley can identify both false claims and individuals who habitually file lawsuits against companies as part of your defense.

Other Possible Issues

  • Insider Threats
  • Social Media Use and Abuse
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Asset/Financial Investigations
  • Competitor Research
  • Penetration Testing
  • Loss/Theft of Proprietary Information
  • Reputation Management

Ciccotti & Buckley provides professional investigation services to businesses every day and can help your company make sure every important decision is well-informed. The above reasons just scratch the surface in the multifaceted ways that Ciccotti & Buckley can assist you in serving your clients. Ciccotti & Buckley’s investigators have over a century of combined federal, state, and local law enforcement experience as well as the Private Investigation sector.


What sets Ciccotti & Buckley apart from other firms?

  • Unsurpassed investigative rigor
  • Certified Fraud Examiner and Forfeiture Analyst
  • Top rated data bases
  • Forensic partners: computer and accounting
  • On-staff paralegal
  • Previous law enforcement investigators with courtroom experience
  • Social media and open source subject matter experts
  • Investigative analytics
  • Technical surveillance counter measures
  • Extensive financial backgrounds to include credit and bank accounts
  • “Court ready” reports

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