Jury Vetting (Jury Selection)

Analyzing jurors can be difficult and time consuming. The final weeks before trial are chaotic. Attorneys and their staff can be overwhelmed. When the smallest detail can determine the outcome of your case, you can trust that Ciccotti & Buckley will provide you with complete and timely information regarding potential jurors. Our in-house paralegal and expert investigators vet your potential jurors so you can focus on the critical tasks.

At Ciccotti & Buckley, our expert investigators provide a thorough report concerning each prospective juror. We ensure that our investigations are conducted discreetly and confidentially, and we offer accurate and reliable results.

Services that Ciccotti & Buckley provides to attorneys prior to voir dire:

  • Background and Criminal Records Checks for Convictions
  • Potential Bias
  • Direct Interest in the Case
  • Personal Interest or Relation to the Case
  • Occupation
  • Financial History

Why Ciccotti & Buckley?

  • Previous law enforcement investigators with courtroom experience
  • Forensic partners: computer and accounting with courtroom experience
  • Social media and open source subject matter experts
  • Unsurpassed investigative rigor
  • Investigative analytics
  • Professionally completed and Court ready reports
  • Extensive real-time financial backgrounds to include credit and bank accounts
  • Data mining using Top rated databases
  • On staff paralegal

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