Maritime Investigations

Ciccotti & Buckleyare proud members of the International Association of Marine Investigations (IAMI).  A maritime investigation looks at accidents and incidents occurring at sea and inland waterways.


Maritime Investigator:
The location of an accident or incident will determine the course of action.


Maritime Investigations:

  • The most common claims in a marine case include:
  • Personal injuries which occur on seaborne vessels or due to the actions of a person operating a seaborne vessel.
  • Property damage caused by, or suffered to, a seaborne vessel.
  • Fraud cases involving tour operators.
  • Personal watercraft injuries or property damage.
  • Criminal investigations for illegal activities which occur at sea.
  • Wrongful death investigations involving fatalities at sea.
  • Work accident investigations involving workers who make their livings at sea.
  • Product liability investigations for devices used by the marine community.

Accidents occur worldwide, on both land and sea. If you have been the victim of an injury or property claim involving a boating, shipping or personal watercraft incident, you will need specialized professional help to see your claim through to completion.
Professional marine investigators are the best resource to help you prove your case and receive your just compensation.