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The Ciccotti & Buckley investigative firm is located in Norfolk, Virginia, and is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. We have built our business on the foundations of integrity, professionalism, and discretion. We aim to provide all our clients with thorough, reliable private investigation results. If you in Hampton Roads or the surrounding region, reach out to us today to schedule your free, confidential consultation

Services Offered by Ciccotti & Buckley

Are you thinking about hiring an attorney but want to make sure you collect all the relevant evidence for your case first? Does your law firm require more documented evidence to strengthen a case? Whatever the case may be, your best ally is Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC. Serving the greater Hampton Roads region, we offer a great deal of service options. Some of our services include:

Corporate Due Diligence Investigative Services

Our commercial and corporate due diligence services assist corporate compliance and general counsel efforts by providing timely and accurate business information for mergers and acquisitions. We can conduct extensive and detailed financial/bank traces for all individuals and entities.

Domestic Infidelity & Family Law Investigations

Whether you’re faced with infidelity, child custody issues, or a unique domestic private investigation need, our professional investigators work diligently to gather evidence and provide solid documentation to strengthen your case.

Personal Injury & Traffic Accident Investigations 

Ciccotti & Buckley investigates personal injury cases to obtain reliable, accurate evidence and witness testimony critical to a successful outcome for our clients. Our goal is to reduce workers’ compensation fraud and other insurance fraud liabilities.

Criminal, Civil, & Employment Fraud Investigations

Ciccotti & Buckley is trusted by lawyers to provide critical reliable investigative evidence for criminal, civil, and employment-related court cases conducting surveillance, computer forensics, witness interviews, and other methods to establish the truth.

Litigation Support/Expert Witness & Court Preparation

Our professional investigators are experts in providing private investigative support for the family, personal injury, criminal, and employment law professionals. We are experienced in working with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s courts.

Computer & Accounting Forensics

Ciccotti & Buckley are partnered with the top computer forensic firm in the Tidewater Region that is also nationally recognized as a leader in both incident response and forensic analysis of computers and related devices. Our partner utilizes cutting-edge technology that provides the ability to recover documents, social media activity, website searches, etc. on a wide variety of devices and computer workstations. Not only is the analysis “courtroom ready,” our partner’s analysts have the credentials and past performance to provide expert testimony in both criminal and civil litigation.

Ciccotti & Buckley are also partnered with a top forensic accounting firm. Their expertly trained accounting team is composed of certified forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and investigators and researchers with diverse backgrounds to include the FBI and IRS. These skilled and qualified individuals work together to provide you detailed financial analysis to identify any problematic or suspect accounting practices. This team has the credentials and experience to provide expert testimony in both criminal and civil litigation.

Social Media Monitoring & Analysis

Ciccotti & Buckley’s social media intelligence platform gives clients the power to dive deeper into publicly-accessible data, helping them understand their networks, analyze the sentiment of posts related to their organization, and zero-in on location-based data to monitor threats and investigate theft. With a variety of fraud schemes, security breaches, and asset protection requirements, corporations and individuals can no longer afford to underestimate the power of social media intelligence. Specifically, our program has the following capabilities:

  • Multi-location tracking
  • Facility and asset protection
  • IP protection
  • Loss prevention
  • Employee safety
  • Crisis management
  • Real-time social media tracking across various provides
  • Geo-fencing of threats and activities

The Best Private Investigators in Hampton Roads

Ciccotti & Buckley’s team of private investigators have the skills, knowledge, and background 

to take on any private investigation. Our team is composed of former law enforcement professionals, who all have a strong track record of successful investigative work at the federal, state, and local levels — as well as overseas. If you are looking for a highly capable team of private investigators to help with any type of investigation in Hampton Roads, request your consultation today. All contact with Ciccotti & Buckley is strictly confidential.