Rely on Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC’s Investigative Services in Hampton Roads

Do you or your law firm require extra help documenting evidence for a case? Are you considering hiring an attorney but need help collecting evidence first? Either way, your best ally is the investigative team at Ciccotti & Buckley, LLC. Take advantage of our free confidential consultation to discuss your options.

Whether it’s infidelity in Virginia Beach or corporate fraud in Norfolk, our professionals are ready to investigate. We serve Hampton Roads and are ready to help with whatever you need. We locate the evidence pertinent to your case, using GPS surveillance, audio/video recordings, still photographs, and other techniques and technology.

Here are our service areas:

Family Law/Domestic

We understand how emotional family matters are. We partner with your attorney and acquire the appropriate evidence to help your case move forward. You have options—talk to us and get peace of mind that your case is being investigated thoroughly. We can help with:


Most cases benefit from our specialized surveillance skills and GPS tracking. For instance, in stalking cases, we gather information and evidence about the behavior in question. Let our trained investigators obtain the evidence you need.

Accidents & Personal Injury

Whenever insurance agencies enter the picture, the need for accurate evidence and witness testimony increases significantly. Our investigators interview witnesses, obtain documentation, investigate for workers’ compensation fraud, and more.


Nowhere is detailed investigation more important than in criminal cases. Our investigators are experts at uncovering evidence, performing counter-surveillance, computer forensics, interviewing witnesses, performing crime scene investigations, uncovering corporate crime, fraud, and embezzlement cases.

Executive Concierge Services

Our experienced investigators conduct an initial investigation that sets the underpinning for an inclusive threat assessment and risk analysis. This investigation is supported by using open-source and restricted databases to build a risk mitigation plan based on the appropriate threat level while keeping the client safe and comfortable in their environment.

Political Research

The right investigation has a marked influence on election outcomes. Let our team vet campaign staff, perform background research on the candidates, or track candidates via video and audio technology.

Other Services

Take advantage of our wide scope of investigative services, from identity theft cases to background investigations and pre-employment screenings.

  • Background Investigations
  • Social Media Research/Monitoring and Analysis
  • Prospective Employee Screening
  • Pre-Marital / Partnership
  • Confidential Courier
  • Missing Persons
  • Process Service
  • Records Search
  • Property Records
  • Competition Analysis
  • Secret Shopper


Trust our over 100 years of combined expert investigative services. Call now for a free consultation.